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Le Happier is here to change the game, to inspire and change the mindset of people who are willing to settle for average. Being a real estate business, the success will always be measured by the happiness and the loyalty of the clients. Le Happier is here to create an urge among the people to never settle for average, instead, chase the dreams because its all about achieving your dreams.

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Le Happier, a team backed by an enthusiastic group of professionals that too with over a decade of experience in the real estate industry and are firmly establishing themselves as one of the most promising Real Estate Agents & Property Consultants in GCC, a highly fragmented brokerage market. By focusing on property management & leasing of residential and commercial projects across GCC, Le Happier manage a huge portfolio spanning residential and commercial properties including; villas, premium residences, luxury apartments, independent living spaces, enclaves and townships. The unique vision, enthusiasm, & management practices do bring maximum demand winning customers’ trust in order to give wings to the global ambitions in the near future.

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Al Shahania