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Le Happier - Creating Better Life
Le Happier Real Estate is a full-service real estate company based in Qatar, providing deluxe services for our clients' property requirements. We advise our clients regarding their requisites in various real estate sectors, like property marketing, leasing, selling, management and consultancy. We are committed to providing our clients with affordable, high-quality real estate solutions while embracing proven, state-of-the-art methodologies for real estate investment and property management, as well as a balanced market strategy.

Le Happier manages a vast portfolio spanning residential and commercial properties, including villas, premium residences, luxury apartments, independent living spaces, enclaves and townships. The unique vision, enthusiasm, & management practices do bring maximum demand to the services thus provided.

Founded by Mr Muhammed Rasheed Melethil in 2010, with the reputation of his services built around loyal clientele and success stories beyond compare, Le Happier took its new shape in 2021. We are a group of dedicated professionals with over a decade of experience in the real estate market that strives to go above and beyond to meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

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Al Shahania