vision mission values


To be the leading real estate service provider in Qatar and gradually globally. To uphold the highest real estate quality standards in planning and implementing large-scale projects and be a preferred place of employment for real estate professionals.


To deliver trouble-free customized real estate guidance and counselling to clients, businesses, and individuals looking for the ideal solution. To make real estate purchases and sales as cost-effective as feasible while retaining the extraordinary quality of service.


Communication, Innovation and Expertise are the core values that ensue at Le Happier. We can provide complete, holistic real estate guidance by listening and taking the time to understand our clients' needs. We strive to use new working practices and digitisation to provide clients with the best real estate solutions. Le Happier is committed to creating and ensuring the highest degree of expertise across its whole spectrum of services to provide clients with the finest quality bespoke tailored solutions to their specific requirements.

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Al Shahania